Dragon Taikai Berlin (english version)

28th – 30th September 2012 – Gillian Booth, Sheila Haddad, Lauri Jokinen and Moti Nativ in Berlin teaching together.

The Dragon Taikai originated from a spontaneous idea that occurred at DKMS 2011, when Gillian, Lauri, Moti and Sheila decided to give a seminar together in the year of the water dragon. The seminar will be a means of showing Hatsumi Sensei’s ideas cooperating as a team in an friendly atmosphere. Joint teaching and learning will be an important aspect in these two and a half days.
We are very happy to be a part of making this possible by hosting the seminar, and we hope that many Buyus will gather in Berlin to participate!

Let’s have a great time together! Looking forward to seeing you, Magokoro Dojo Berlin